The Evils Of Communism Know No Bounds.

Victim Of Khmer Rouge Mines In Cambodia

We Must Honor The Victims,

House of Terror, Budapest, Hungary

And Make Our Children Aware Of The Horror Of Communism,

The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, Miami, Florida

In Order To Spare Future Generations.

Soviet Union School Children, 1960

Here Is How The Patriots Of Manatee County Will Accomplish This...

The following pages contain images of memorials to the Victims of Communism from around the world.

Congratulations to all of the Scholarship Winners!

Essay (Stalin): Jack Phillips, Sophomore, Braden River High

Oratory (Maduro): Abigail Jeter, Senior, Bradenton Christian

Exhibit (Maduro): Austin Bankuty, Senior, Braden River High

Best Overall (Exhibit – Ceausescu): Liam Egerdahl, Sophomore, Home School Student in Parrish